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Let COD Network take over all the rest of the heavy lifting!


Don't overwhelm yourself with the hassle of finding the right and reliable supplier, or sweat about who to trust your money with. With an extensive network of suppliers, cod Network does the job for you. From manufacturing to the arrival of inventory at the desired destination. The entire process remains fully customizable.

  • Sourcing from China
  • Sourcing from Morocco
  • Worldwide

Custom clearance

We will guide your goods to customs and process all documents required to facilitate the shipment of your inventory to your desired location. Hassle free.

  • Paperwork Verification
  • Customs Officer Check
  • Payments, Tax, Duties
  • Release of Shipment

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Our network of warehouses cover all of the Mena region. Our warehouses safely and securely store your products in an organized way to track where items are located, when they arrived, how long they have been there, and the quantity on hand.

Including inventory management, generating optimized picking lists, packing boxes, shipping orders, and managing returns. All in one single Dashboard.

Call Center

We Got the best and most qualified call center agents with years of experience in confirming orders with local customers . Provide our retailers with a calling service through our Call Center Operator to confirm the order (Qty/name/address/further explain the product/ ect…) with their customers who have placed their orders at their online store.

We have the best trained agents who will upsell any chance they get.


COD NETWORK provides door-to-door delivery services for small and medium-sized businesses and large businesses. We take effective security measures for your delivery and warehousing services to ensure the safety of your items. All within a reasonable price structure.

COD Remittance

We Collect the payment from the customer , then remit your payment . And, unlike most company’s; We can send you your money anywhere you are in the world.

Satisfied Clients

Our main goal is to provide for our clients the best services quality.

Daily Orders

We maintain a large delivery capacity in the shortest time.


Our warehouses store all the goods you want to sell.


Our presence is expanding to cover more countries.

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