Frequently asked questions


You will only need to agree to our terms and conditions to prove you are interested in our services. With CODNETWORK you are free to close your account at any given time, no penalties or procedure to follow, but we would really appreciate it if you can send a notice of 15 days.

Warehouses: 08 AM to 06 PM, Local time. Open 6 days per week
Delivery agent: 8AM to 9PM Local time.
Our Office: Open Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 07 PM GMT+1. Sunday off.

If you want to level up your business and get the most promising features and services you are in the right place. We can help you through the process from importing goods, customs duty, fulfillment, shipping and collecting cash from your customers.

Our suppliers offer a wide variety of goods that suit your business, giving you competitive prices and we guarantee good quality. We also take care of customs clearance. However, you can always import goods on your own. In order to do so, we provide the location of our warehouse for the country you want to.

CODNetwork offers its services hassle-free to all marketers around the world - from importing goods to customs duty, warehousing, call center services, fulfillment, shipping, and remittance. (Our fees are mentioned in the agreement).


By accessing the dashboard you can manage all requests and orders, our sourcing agent will respond to your request within 48 hours max.

Our unique platform is designed to help you manage your leads. We provide you with a dashboard so you can view all of your leads in a timely manner and see how many sales were generated. You can filter by product, country, and date/time.

Orders management

Yes, it’s up to you. And we give you access to import the orders on our platform to process shipping.(1$ added to shipping fees when confirming orders with another party)


We are located in all Mena region countries:

  • KSA: Riyadh
  • UAE: Dubai
  • Kuwait: Farawaniyyah
  • Oman: Muscat
  • Bahrain: Tubli
  • Qatar: Doha

Soon Morocco, Egypt, Thailand.

Our warehouses are located close to major international airports, granting easy and efficient access for imported goods, and orders shipped internationally.

Pricing and payments

Upon registration of an account, you can access our shipping fees table. It allows you to see all the fees according to the country and weight.

Bank Transfer, Paypal, Payoneer.

We generate your invoices every week. Choose your payment method and we will send it to you.

Leads are confirmed at our contact center.

For each Lead, the customer is contacted three times per day, and for three days - for a total of at least nine calls.

Our call center also provides cross-sell and up-sell services. ($1 is added, if the up-sell is proposed by the agent that resulted in a confirmed lead.)

Fee: $75 billed monthly.

Shipping and fulfillment, Storage

CODNETWORK has warehouses all around the GCC countries. Our specialized team takes care of processing orders, and pick and packing products, while handling it with the utmost care. We also provide reporting tools to identify your sales in an accurate and detailed manner. (These services are free of charge) International freight rates vary according to country and weight. For local shipping, $1 is added per kg when the shipment exceeds 5kg.

Our main goal is to make sure our clients are updated on time, therefore you can track your customers orders and ask for RTO and our team will handle the rest.

If you have confirmed orders and want to ship it to your customers, you can just upload the information required and we will take care of it.

Your success manager will push the orders to be shipped,(1$ added to the shipping fees)

You can ship your orders from UAE and KSA to any country in the GCC, we guarantee competitive and attractive prices.

TAX and Customs

Actually, when you choose to import goods with our suppliers we do indeed take care of everything up until your stocks arrive at their destination - from importing the goods, customs clearance and freight forwarding process.

In the GCC territory when shipping internationally from UAE VAT is 15%, and from KSA there is no VAT.

For domestic shipping VAT is included in the shipping cost.

Satisfied Clients

Our main goal is to provide for our clients the best services quality.

Daily Orders

We maintain a large delivery capacity in the shortest time.


Our warehouses store all the goods you want to sell.


Our presence is expanding to cover more countries.

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